Monday, April 17, 2006

A Girl Has Her Limits ...

Today, I had it. Absolutely had it. For the last time.

I have a very rude neighbor who, for some unknown reason, started to park his car so close to my front bumper, that he would actually touch it. This has been going on since about October 2005. One night I looked out the window and he was literally up against the front bumper of my car. He backed right up there and sat all night. I actually took pictures, but because it was 10:30 p.m., they turned out kind of dark.

Anyway, I have called the town office to complain (I thought I should do that instead of calling the sheriff's office). Unfortunately, the only person to work daily in the office is a lady, who is friendly with my rude neighbor (known now as "JW"). She called him and discussed the situation and he said he would stop doing it. Well, he's been back at it and today I had it.

Joe's grandparents came up today to do some yard work. I looked out front before dinner to see if they mowed the front (they had been gathering up all the leaves and twigs). When I looked outside, I saw this:

That is my car in the very back. The car 3 inches from my front bumper belongs to JW (yes, leaving a nice margin of 5-6 feet in front of his car).

I called the sheriff's office. I'm not going to fool around with him anymore. Basically, when I called they told me he was doing nothing wrong, even if he was parking within 3 inches of my bumper. I then told them about parking so close a piece of paper wouldn't fit between our two cars and how he left it overnight. Still they said he was not in the wrong and was parking within his rights. His rights?! His rights?! That's about when I lost it. I think I started crying. I told him that I was in the middle of a complicated pregnancy and that I may have to leave my house suddenly and would not be able to move my car. Still, JW has rights. Then I started saying, "What about my rights? He is intimidating me, harassing me? Who is going to protect me?" If I have to leave and he has parked me in, can I put my car in 4-wheel-drive and push his car out of the way ... well, no, that would be wrong, according to the sheriff's office (I know, because I asked that very question).

I think the person knew the only way to get me off the phone was to send a deputy to my house to talk to me. I resisted at first, repeating to them that I was wrong and JW was right. Well, they sent someone anyway. A very nice deputy came, I explained the situation, of course, including my present medical concerns. He went to talk to mean, old JW, and brought him to my house. Okay, not what I wanted (or needed -- more stress with my pregnancy).

Anyway, JW acted all nice and caring, expressing concern about my pregnancy, the parking, etc. He has agreed to stop parking on my bumper. He gave me his cell phone number (should I publish it in my blog so everyone can harass him?!?!?). He requested that I park further back so that I can leave room for him and his three junky, piece of crap vehicles, which Joe refers to as "moving basements" (the junk in them looks like he is about to move somewhere, although his front porch and entire front and back yards look the same). I told him that I cannot drive, but when Joe drives it again on Thursday, he will try.

I kind of felt sorry for the deputy because I was getting really crampy standing there and I was holding my stomach (or "bracing" it from below). The officer asked me if I was okay and kept watching me.

So this is the story for now. Of course, it is subject to change at any time he drives one of his moving basements.

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