Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today's doctor's appointment

I went to see my OB today. Instead of the 12 weeks I am "supposed" to be, I am actually 16 weeks! I can't believe I have escaped a month of pregnancy without knowing it! Morning sickness is usually my first sign. Usually within days. I started to feel sick the end of January and was sick a week before I took a pregnancy test. My due date is now September 19th (instead of October 15th).

I had to go for bloodwork, also. They want to check my progesterone and blood count levels. Since I'm bleeding they want to make sure I'm not anemic. The progesterone is just a precaution. (They also did a basic metabolic panel. Not sure about that one.)

I will need to go to Johns Hopkins for my next sonogram (in 2 weeks). I also will be going back to see the doctor in 2 weeks.

She said the bleeding is more than likely coming from the placenta and not the hematoma. I am restricted from things until I stop bleeding. She is concerned about the amount of blood and the clots. I had a clot the size of a quarter this morning, along with smaller ones.

The danger is really with me. I could hemorhage. There is really no danger to the baby unless I hemorhage. So that's good. I'm not planning to hemorhage. :-) I'm to call immediately if the blood turns bright red or is bright red and heavy.

I just need to take it easy.

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lathie kee said...

Yikes!!! You better take care Lera!! Sixteen weeks! That's crazy too. Be safe! Lie still! =0

love ya!