Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Few Treasures

Yesterday I went shopping and, at the top of my list: fabric! I've been yearning to sew since my bedrest began. Now I am a free woman! This is what I bought. I think the bottom two fabrics ("pucker prints" like seersucker almost) will be shorts/capris for Spenser. I envision the top ones to be bags/totes, maybe a skirt. The green polka dot on the end may become a dress for Spenser. Isn't that such a cute dress? Not sure about green on Spenser. After 4 boys, I usually dress her in pink, and a little purple. Although I should broaden Spenser's wardrobe horizon.

Then, the new Amy Butler pattern "Betty Shopper" came in the mail (I bought it on ebay). The bag is so large. It didn't list the dimensions of the finished bag on the auction, but it will be gi-normous (as in the words of Buddy the Elf). The other pattern was like $2, so I thought I could try the "boxed out" tote.


kookaluka said...

bright pink ribbon trim on the green polka dots would be an awesome little dress!

kookaluka said...

betty shopper! of course it's gigantic, it's meant to use as a shopping bag right?