Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Tomorrow is my next sonogram. I am very anxious to see how things are going (or "growing") inside. My bleeding has either stopped (from my external perspective) or has slowed down greatly. I'm getting very hopeful ... maybe a little prematurely. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

So, at tomorrow's sonogram, I may be able to see if we are having a boy or girl. According to my last sonogram (3 weeks ago), I should be just over 18 weeks. According to my last period, I should only be 14 weeks. I am praying that they don't take away those 4 weeks tomorrow! I'm always overdue anyway, so I think after five very long pregnancies, I deserve a break!

I'm concerned about walking so much for my appointment tomorrow. Since it's at Johns Hopkins, it will be a lot of walking. In the parking garage. To the hospital. In the hospital. Christy thinks I should use a wheelchair. I think I will be too embarassed to use one. I think I would look down and not make eye contact with anyone. We'll see how quickly I'll tire. I have only left the house 2 times in almost 4 weeks ... for my first sonogram and my last OB appointment. My strength is not what it was.

Wish me luck!

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capello said...

Good luck!

Can't believe your neighbor. What a jerk!