A Finished WIP and Some Yoga

On Saturday I primed my wooden high chair. It was warm. I was barefoot in the grass spraying along. Then it started to rain. I moved it to the porch to let it dry.

I forgot about it, even though it was sitting on our front porch and I saw it a few times a day. On Wednesday I decided it was time to paint it. By then, it was freezing. Freezing. What a drastic change in temperature in just a few short days. Anyway, I painted the chair. I think it was too cold to paint. The paint kind of bubbled in places as it dried. Or maybe I didn't paint it evenly. Who knows. And Joe's not around to ask. (Although he will be home tomorrow night.)

Now I'm wondering if I should have painted it black or red. I always go the safe route and paint everything white. We have a lot of white-painted wood furniture.

When we went to the library for Jack's art show last week, we picked up a children's book on yoga. The kids have been having fun doing the positions. I read the book aloud (usually holding or nursing Sawyer) and show them the photos as they do it. Jack helps Spenser and Mason figure out what to do as I read. They keep begging for me to read it to them. (I may have to buy a copy.)

And I so wish I had this photo yesterday when I posted about Sawyer's blankie thing. He fell asleep in his swing like that yesterday afternoon. Sweet little man. He just played and played until he wore himself out.


Anonymous said…
what a sweet picture of sawyer!
we've had fun with yoga books, too - and i'm not a yoga person. there are also fun little decks of yoga cards for kids that i think would be cool.
Karyn said…
I think you should go for some colour on the chair!!
Yoga???? That's awesome!!!
And...how sweet is Sawyer????
Anonymous said…
Aw, Sawyer. You hit the mark with that sewing project, mama!
And my kids love yoga too. We have a deck of yoga cards that they love to use. If they could just center and breath as well as they can jump into the downward facing dog we'd be good.
laura capello said…
i like to do yoga in the evenings (note to self: do it, damn it. you haven't done it in three weeks) and when i do griffin totally participates, and the darwin tries to join in.

and then i yell because i can't get centered and someone's using my feet to help the proper down into a position.
Anonymous said…
Sweet little worn-out guy...

Zach loves yoga too, which I diidn't expect because it's so slow-moving. I get kids' yoga DVDs from the libraby, and he goes to town. (P.S. If you ever watch one called Shana Banana Yoga, be prepared to lose your mind. But your kids would love it...)

My husband has a real anti-painted-wood thing, so I don't get to paint as much as I'd like to. I would totally add some decoupage to that chair. Something like this? ... http://tinyurl.com/28aqw2
beki said…
I love that chair! I wish I could find one of those.
I tried to comment yesterday on your blankie, but blogger had it out for me. I love that idea! It turned out great. I should get busy on one for Ava because that girl loves blankets, but ends wrapping her head up in it if I give it to her.
I must say, that's an adorable picture of Sawyer!

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