A Long Weekend

On Thursday Joe had to go out of town for the night. Since the boys only had a half-day on Thursday and no school on Friday, we went with him. We were in Nofolk, Virginia, and visited the U.S.S. Wisconsin battleship. The boys loved it.

We went into the Nauticus Museum and the children enjoyed the "touch tank" where they touched live starfish, horseshoe crabs and a few other things.

The had boat races.

They saw how the shoreline is shifting.

And they went inside this circular ribbon "room" that spun around and around. I did not go inside. I only stuck the camera in to grab a shot. I was dizzy from the outside of that spinning madness.

There was also a maze we went through. The boys loved it all.

And before we left for our trip, we stopped at the Swap Shop. Here are a few of my treasures.

On the left one plate, on the right a set of four melamine plates. The look very 70's-ish.

Two Christmas ornaments and a small tin. (Joe says the angel has a moustache. It's really her halo that is dangling at her neck.)

A roll of paper for Jack, my artist. (I've been having trouble finding a replacement roll of paper for his art easel. It's too heavy to fit on the easel, but the width is about the same.)

And a tragic end to an old glass Christmas ornament. I dropped it while getting out of the car and it smashed to smithereens. At least it was free.


Karyn said…
It looks like a great trip you had!! And....we all need a swap shop! Holy cow those are great finds!
beki said…
It looks like a fun weekend was had by all!
Anonymous said…
What a great weekend. And I have to agree with Joe. It does look like that angel has a mustache. ;)
African Kelli said…
what a fun little get away!
laura capello said…
it sure did make some pretty smitherines thought!
Anonymous said…
Looks like the kiddos had fun, despite the traffic. :)
Neat plates too.

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