Thifting and a Meme

First I need to thank you for your kind words about my pillow. Really, you were way too generous in your comments. But, thank you. (Maybe it was trick photography?)

Now onto the thrifting.

Joe had a four-day pass this weekend, so we headed to the swap shop (swap shop = free thrifting). It was the busiest I had ever seen it. People in and out. I did manage to find a few things (above pix). The little Christmas tin without its lid is now the home of Jack's dry erase markers. The little figure with the broken-off legs reminds me of half-dolls from years ago. She's sitting in a teacup in my cabinet. The book Read-Alound Horse Stories claims to be a book of "gay, merry-go-round of stories every child will love to hear and read again and again." Who could resist that? One lonely mug. Two rooster bowls that have some chipping along the edges. One little china bowl (has a small chip).

The swap shop had a lot of junk there on Friday. For example an animal cage with bedding inside! The bedding looked used. That is so wrong! And nasty!

Then we headed to a "real" thrift store and I found the above. A small blue Pyrex dish with lid. A medium size unmarked mixing bowl. And, a dog butter dish. (At least we think it's a butter dish. That's what I plan on using it as.) It must have originally had a lid, as the tail has a hollow hole in it. I love it with or without its lid. He cracks me up.
So, now onto the meme. Laura (a.k.a. Capello) tagged me, so here goes.
Six weird things about me, not that there is anything weird about me!
1. I have no idea what bra size I wear. I have been wearing a nursing bra for nearly 11 years.
2. I am afraid to go into my basement alone. If I go alone, it is only during the day with a flashlight and preferrably a hooded sweatshirt and boots. And I walk hunched over.
3. I don't believe in ghosts, but I think my house is sometimes haunted. And the house we owned before this one, too. (Not the reason I won't go into the basement alone.)
4. I sleep on the right side of the bed. For some reason, when we sleep in hotels, I sleep on the left side of the bed.
5. I usually have to fall asleep with the TV on. I need the background noise. Especially when Joe is out of town (like this week!). When Joe is out of town, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes turn the TV back on (with sleep-timer) so I can fall back asleep.
I'm saving the best for last:
6. I am afraid to open those biscuits in a can. You know the ones under pressure that "pop" when they open. I think it's the anticipation that makes me extremely nervous and uncomfortable. I blink my eyes a lot when trying to pop them open.
For other weird things about me, read this post.
I am not going to tag anyone for this meme, but if you would like to play along, I'd love to read how weird you are. It makes me feel normal. :-)
Sorry, Blogger is taking out all of my line spacing again!


Anonymous said…
it's so fun to hear all these quirks about people! (i posted mine today).

love the finds - and still jealous of that swap-shop. heading to the thrift store today (need to drop stuff off - yes!) so hopefully i will find some pyrex, too!
laura capello said…
i love your blue pyrex bowl. and that pup is a hoot.

and those exploding biscuits use to freak me out too. just another benefit of going gluten-free: no exploding foods. :-)
Anonymous said…
I think that dog is a hot dog holder. Wha da ya think?

And Tim and I do the hotel bed side swap too. I don't know what it is.
Anonymous said…
That dog dish just kills me.
Anonymous said…
So do you make your biscuits from scratch then? My husband swears that Pillsbury Flaky Layers are better than the melt-in-your-mouth, buttery garlic cheese biscuits that he makes... er... USED to make before he got hooked on Pillsbury. He's sooooo wrong.
Karyn said…
Neat finds!! I'm not fond of my basement either :)
Anonymous said…
you are afraid to open can biscuits? that is hilarious. you are a freak!!!!! Just kidding! that is funny though. I don't go outside if it is dark! NO WAY!!! NO HOW!!!! That is the only freakish thing about me... no really, I swear!!!! Not!!!
African Kelli said…
11 years in a nursing bra. My god woman. You deserve one heck of a prize!!
christy said…
i also hate those biscuits in a can. they scare me and i have gotten nasty paper cuts on my fingers from pulling them open. you know it's more like cardboard so it's a bigger cut and it hurts a lot worse. you know, i'm a clutz.
Anonymous said…
The butter dog is funny. I too am afraid of those biscuit cans. No lie. I don't even buy them anymore. I just can't open them. :)

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