Carter' Best Day Ever

Saturday was dubbed Carter's "Best Day Ever" (by Carter, of course!). Carter was baptized on Saturday morning by Joe. In our religion infants are blessed and children (at age 8) are baptized. We believe that infants do not have sins and that the age of eight is the age of accountability. Joe (like most men in our church) holds the priesthood, so he is able to perform the ordinance himself (as he did for Sawyer's blessing).

Both must wear white (church-owned, we don't own any funky white jumpsuits) and Carter is fully immersed in water (our baptismal font, below), as Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (but in the river Jordan, not an indoor font).

Carter was in the best mood all day. He was so sweet (sweeter than normal). If I asked for help, he jumped up and helped right away. And he stayed very close to me all day. It was his best day ever. He even wrote that in his journal.


Anonymous said…
Ooooohhh... yea for Carter!! Congratulations! Hope there are many more of those days coming.

My Zach asks me all the time if he can be eight yet so he can get baptized, or twelve so he can help with the sacrament. "Sorry, buddy... still five."
Anonymous said…
what a big day! congratulations to carter!
(my daughter has been counting down to hers since she was 4! only another... year and a half.)
laura capello said…
i remember being baptised when i was six? seven? it was definately first grade. and yes, it was a very big deal. congratulations carter!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your religion with us. I think too many people are afraid to offend others by speaking of religion on their blogs, but spirituality is part of what defines us. In our church, baptism occurs later in life also (when the person is old enough to understand what salvation means). Since I didn't join our church until I the year before I was married, that occurred at 27 for me, but in a big baptismal font just like that.
Congratulations Carter! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Yea! What a great day. Carter, you are one special boy. And oh, so loved! How wonderful to be part of such a loving, caring family.
Karyn said…
Congratulations Carter! It sounds like it was everyone's "best day ever"!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Carter! Im sure it was a special day for everyone!
Me and Him said…
Congratulations Carter.

I enjoy hearing and learning about others' faiths and beliefs. I like the diversity and richness the differences bring.
beki said…
Congratulations Carter! What a special day for all!!

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