Treats and Ironing

Yesterday there was a surprise in my mailbox. A good surprise. A very good one. Joanna sent this monogrammed zippered pouch (which is so yummy -- love that fabric!); a pair of fabulous earrings (they are to die for); and some personalized labels (I'm almost too afraid to use them!). I was secretly coveting her zippered pouches and was so surprised and pleased when I was the recipient of one. So talented is she. Thank you, Joanna, I love all of it! It made my day!

This is a little children's ironing board. We picked it up at the swap shop last week. It has a wooden top. The cover and padding were ripped, so after hosing it down with Lysol, I removed the cover and added a new one:

I've been wanting to craft lately, but have been finding that I have little time and energy to do so. This is one project that took minutes. All of the kids love it (even the boys) and want to iron, which is good, because I don't like to iron. (And the toy iron was found at the Swap Shop, too. It takes batteries and lights up on the bottom and it may make a sound or two.) Oh, and the fabric came from Angela.


laura capello said…
so awesome.

and those aren't some bad toes either.
beki said…
Lucky you! I love that zippered pouch!! The little ironing board turned out so well. Bravo Momma!
Anonymous said…
nice mail! joanna is awesome.

love the ironing board - i want one of those!
Anonymous said…
Why, oh why, can't we have a swap shop like that here?!?!
Joanna said…
You're soooo welcome! My boys would love an ironing board...yours turned out so cute. What a great find.
Anonymous said…
Where did your friend get these tags from? I have been looking all over the internet trying to find some to order.

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