A Skirt

I decided that I needed a new skirt to wear to church on Sunday, so I whipped this up. You may recognize the fabric from my banner. (It's not photograhing well.) I hemmed the skirt in light blue bias tape. It was a last-minute decision. I had originally planned to do a double-rolled hem. I'm happy with the blue bias. And I had just enough left over from the baby's bunting.

I used Simplicity pattern 5505 again. I'm going to try something new soon. Really. I promise.

* * * *

Yesterday Mason wanted to play in the "snow." He went out alone, as Spenser was napping and it was too cold for Sawyer to be outside. He was under strict orders to stay in the backyard. When I couldn't find him out the back door, I went to our mudroom door and saw this:

Mason stuck trying to climb over the gate! He was crying, too. And asking me not to take his picture.
* * *
In case you didn't know this, today is the birthday of someone we all know and love. Go wish her a happy birthday today!


Anonymous said…
OMGoodness Laura! I cracked up when I saw that pic! Was he trying to make a get away?
Anonymous said…
poor kiddo!
(like the bias tape on the skirt!)
Randi said…
I think it is so funny that you snapped that picture!

The skirt looks great!
Karyn said…
Your skirt is GREAT!

And....the poor guy....but how funny that you took a picture before rescuing him.
laura capello said…
i'm sorry, that picture is hilarious. i totally would have taken a photo too.

and i love the blue bias tape on the skirt!
Anonymous said…
Yea, using up the end of the bias tape. Excellent design decision!

And poor Mason. It sucks to get stuck like that - and now with momma's camera he'll be stuck for eternity. :) Tee Hee! Was he stuck for long?
Anonymous said…
I would have taken a photo too! Poor thing. (chuckle.)
Anonymous said…
Now, technically, he's still in the backyard! ROTFL!!!
I would have grabbed my camera too.
Love the skirt!
beki said…
Oh no, that picture made me giggle, poor baby!

Your skirt looks awesome! I'm gonna have to try using bias tape for a hem. I like that look.
Anonymous said…
You mean, mean (but FUNNY!) mom. :o)

Is that a new skirt to go with those new cute shoes I remember reading about? They go great together! I like the skirt, too.
Anonymous said…
The bias tape on the skirt looks great!

That photo made me laugh out loud.

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