Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bunny and *More* Capris

When these cute little bunnies started popping up this spring, I was on bedrest. I couldn't wait to make some. Then, when I got off of bedrest, I was busy "catching up" on things I put as priority and kind of forgot about these little guys.
So yesterday, when Spenser took her nap, I sewed my first Wee Bunny. He was easy and Spenser likes him. I definitely see more in my future ...

The front is some leftover pink flannel and the back is made from some new "vintage" fabric that I bought on clearance. She has a little beanbag of lentils in her bottom to help make her stand. (Her mouth is a bit wonky, but that's okay.)

And today I threw together a pair of capris for Spenser. She loves new clothes (she's all girl) and she giggled when I put them on her. Of course, she is posing for this picture. They are sewn from more clearance fabric I picked up over the weekend.

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