Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spenser and Some clothes

I sewed a pair of capris (and a matching bag) for Spenser last week from this thrifted sheet. The picture is kind of dark, so I'm adding a picture of Spenser wearing the pants (while running through the sprinklers). Her pants were wet and starting to come down some. (And they're a little long.)

So yesterday, I made another pair for her. It is hard to get a good picture of her modeling the capris because she is so busy "posing" for the camera.

And this picture was just cute. I needed to prove that she doesn't wear pink everyday ... just most days. She is wearing her ballet leotard that I gave her for her 1st birthday (with her pink tutu). I forgot she had it, so it's the first time she's worn it. She loved her outfit. She kept wanting to go into the bathroom to look in the mirror.

And I love how brown her hair and eyes look! I never knew I could have a brown-haired, brown-eyed child. What a surprise and a blessing!


kookaluka said...

she needs to put on some black high heels and have a little black purse and she's set.

African Kelli said...

Beautiful! Such a pretty little girl.

capello said...

What a little ham! She and Darwin could have a cheese-a-thon.