Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yesterday's Thrift Finds

Sheets from the thrift store.

The one on the left is more "modern." I will make a springy bag and some capris for Spenser out of that. It is cute. It has flowers and little girl faces. I couldn't pass it up.

I love the one on the right. It has flowers and strawberries. (I bought the flat and the fitted sheets. No pillowcases.)

And some pillowcases.

The stripey set on the left end will probably be used as linings for bags. Although it is modern, I thought the color scheme would look good with some of my floral prints.

The pastel floral pillowcases (I found 4) are very nice and soft. I may even keep these to use on my pillow!

The second from the right actually is a pillow cover (it has a zipper), which I didn't realize until I took it out of the dryer. I'm sure I can salvage the zipper, too! (Although I haven't sewn a zipper in almost 10 years!)

And this final, wrinkly pillowcase was a loner. It, too, is very, very soft. I think this will become a pillowcase dress (from MS Baby) for Spenser next summer. (She's a little short this summer and has a ton of summer dresses.) The floral print is only on the front.

My total bill, including tax, was $14.44. Sometimes I think they just charge you what they want to charge. This girl charged $1 a sheet and 75 cents a pillowcase. I think the other girl charges $1.50 a sheet and 65 cents (maybe) a pillowcase. I think the sign said sheet sets were $3, so it would make sense to charge $1 a sheet, because "sets" should include pillowcases. Don't ya think?


capello said...

Love your finds. Especially that last pillowcase.

Or thrifting is spendy compare to yours -- about $5 for one sheet.

babybug said...

you're trying to make me jealous, aren't you?

jen b said...

love all your finds. wish my thift shop had stuff like that :)