Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ponytail Slump

I've been having the "hair blahs" lately. I unintentionally started to let it grow in December. Joe was out of town for 2 weeks. Our three oldest boys had birthdays. And Christmas. I didn't have time to get it cut, and I didn't want to spend money on myself when I have so many other people to spend it on. So my hair grew. It hasn't been cut since October. Right before I had to have my driver's license renewed and I wanted my hair to look good for the photo.

It was great to have long hair when I was on bedrest. I wore a ponytail nearly every day (and braids once or twice). And I still am on most days ... I'm in a ponytail slump. I will usually wear my hair down for church ... but not always.

I was very happy when I saw a tutorial for headbands. I decided to give them a try yesterday afternoon (while Spenser was napping, and after my weeding, of course). They were so easy, so I made two. I used scraps from pillowcases. (I also made another fabric flower the other day.)

I wasn't planning on sharing this next bag. I sewed it on Saturday and it's taken me until Wednesday to get up enough nerve to post it.
It was an experiment and I'm not happy with how it all turned out. The handle was a little wider than I wanted it, and the bag is not as deep as I would have liked. The handle is two-toned and I sewed it on the wrong way (and that's after the fourth attempt of sewing them on). So, here is my failure. Spenser loves it as her "diaper bag" for dolls.

And, here is Jack showing off his muscles last night. He has been doing push-ups and thinks he is getting quite muscular, as you can see in his little skinny arm.

And Spenser listening to my ipod during karate. I take it so I can listen to it, but I always have to share it with two boys and a little girl ... maybe I should delete the kids songs?!?

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