Monday, June 19, 2006

A Little Day Trip

This would have been Friday's post, but I was too exhausted (and sore!) when we came home. And with my anniversary and Father's Day tributes, it had to wait until today.
On Friday we went to the National Zoo in Washington, DC. We got to see the panda bears, which the kids were totally loving. We saw two while we were there and this was the smaller of the two, but still very large.

To keep track of the boys, we had them "buddy up" with another brother. This is Taylor buddying up with Mason in the Amazonia building (at least, I think that's where we were...).

And check out Spenser's reaction to the animals. I think she was watching the tigers. The next picture in the lot was of a tiger, so I'm guessing that's what she was watching. I was too busy watching her amazement to remember where we were. It's a priceless picture. Spenser loves all animals and belly-laughs when they move, fly, make sounds, etc.

And we couldn't pass up a chance to drive by the Washington, DC temple on our way home. We ran into the visitor's center for a quick run-through and used their clean bathrooms. The temple is always so beautiful.

It was a busy, busy day and my body is still recovering from all the walking. I think every muscle from my belly-button to my toes were sore.

And to celebrate our anniversary, we went to the Chinese buffet. Our boys love it there, so we made it a family affair. (We had forgotten to get a babysitter for our once-a-year date, so we will go the next Saturday Joe has off.) While we were there, poor little Spenser who has been sick (wheezing, coughing, etc.) coughed and threw up her entire dinner all over Joe (right as we were getting ready to leave). I'm so glad it was him because I was gagging so much anyway by that point that if I had to be saturated and smelling it, well ... let's just say that she wouldn't have been the only one to get sick inside the restaurant. (And it's probably more acceptable if a toddler does it instead of an adult.)

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kookaluka said...

i love the pic of spenser at the zoo. true kodak moment!