Friday, June 02, 2006

A Little Overwhelmed

I'm a little overwhelmed today. Well. A lot overwhelmed.

I don't think it's the fact that the lower half of my body is completely sore (from walking around the carnival last night with the children).
Or that my placenta is still parked on top of my cervix.
Or that my subchorionic hematoma is still in my uterus (smaller, but still there).
Or that I dropped my mail in the mud twice when I came home.
Or that the lid to the cooler fell in the mud.
Or that I dropped the same DVD into the mud twice.
Or that I dropped the mail on the kitchen floor twice when I came in.
Or that I had to carry in loads of groceries.
Or that my house looks like a bomb exploded.
Or that there was a mysterious midnight pooper who left remnants on the outside of the toilet bowl (and was one of the first things I saw this morning).
Or that I'm just plain exhausted.

I'm not really sure why I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now. Maybe it's hormonal.

Anyway, I sewed a new bag yesterday. I think I like it. I'm not sure yet. It was fun to make. I was distracted while sewing it (I was talking to Christy on the phone), so the red rickrack which I intended to sew in between the exterior and lining had to go on the outside (per Christy's suggestion). Then I made one of those fabulous fabric flowers and I think that it "made" the bag. I see many more fabric flowers in my future.

A closeup of the fabric flower:

The annual fireman's parade on Wednesday night. This came down our street. Usually, lots of fire engines and ambulances driving down your street would not be a good thing. This time it was...

The carnival is a block away this week. We took the children last night (it was ride-all-night for $12). The man at this ride let Spenser ride for free.

Jack and Mason riding the dragon rollercoaster.

The older kids walked around with Joe's parents (Joe wasn't home from work yet), so I don't have any pictures of them.


capello said...

Urgh. We sound like we are having similiar days. Execpt for the whole pregnancy issues, which (thankfully) I'm not pregnant.

But I am really hoping your day turns around and the pregnancy gets its act in gear.

babybug said...

love the flower!

babybug said...

opps...forgot to say, sorry for the crappy day. hope the weekend is better :)

kookaluka said...

i can see a fabric flower just like that one in my future on my black polk a dot dress if i ever get it made. sorry i distracted you but the red rick rack looks cute. I see a bags by lera web store in your future!

nikki said...

((Laura)) hope tomorrow is better!