Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Not Worthy

So yesterday started off as most days do. Taylor and Carter are in their final week of "sports camp" at school; the weather was hot and humid (after days of straight rain); and boys were quarreling with each other.

When my friend, Sandy, invited us to her pool and offered to help with the children, we took her up on the offer.

With my large family, we don't get invited many places (pools, day trips to the beach, zoo, etc.). No one is really willing to help me with my children, so we just do small things around town and around the house. The children are fine with it, but I'm sure they will start to notice when they get older ...

Anyway, Sandy had invited us a few weeks ago and we set some tentative dates. And yesterday was one of them. They boys loved it. They have a kiddie pool (that is fenced in) and 2 large pools (one with mid-size diving board and twirly slide). Spenser and Mason mainly stayed in the kiddie pool area; Jack went back and forth between the kiddie pool and the "big boy" pool; and Taylor and Carter stayed in the big pool (unless it was "adult swim only" time).

While I took my camera, I was busy watching the kids in two different places. Sandy was helping, but it was still busy. It wasn't until we were packing up to leave that I took a few pictures of Spenser in her diaper and poncho.

And then, when I checked my mail there was a little envelope shoved in my box. I was thrilled to see an unexpected package from AfricanKelli. Enclosed was a sweet note, a summer mix cd, and one of her infamous wristlets. (I actually got tears in my eyes when I opened the package!) I have always admired these little wristlets, especially the fun summery, fruity ones, and now I own one! I listened to the cd as I fixed dinner last night and I wanted to dance around the kitchen! It was very good, upbeat music. (Usually when I get in the car, we listen to children's music or the children watch tv. I had no "adult" music ... until now!) Thanks, again, Kelli!

And then, when I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some crochet hooks and notions, the lady at the fabric counter gave me a free crochet hook that had fallen out of a kit they were going to throw away. I know it's small, but I was really grateful!

Please Note: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all ... isn't that what we've been taught all of our lives? Only cowards leave rude, anonymous comments. Guilt stinks...

Another rude comment from 7-6-06:

I have a friend that has a family of 7 children all between the ages of 16 and 2, and I have never heard her say anything about needing help with her children, EVER. Her and her husband decided that they wanted a big family and they went for it. They are so involved with their local community and with 4H, that they are always on the go. They believe in taking the children with them and never leaving anyone at home. Never once have I heard her say that no one ever helps her with her children, and why should they. If the parents choose the size of the family, why should others have to “help” them with the consequences of the large family. My friends get invited to do more, and go to more places then I do, and I only have one child. The family is so loving and generous and kind to everyone and everything that is around them, it’s no wonder why they are so well liked. I find in my experience with the world it’s the people who do so much for others that get the kind help from others, while the people who expect kind help from others seldom ever receive it. I think that you sound selfish, and very childish, and that is not a very good example for your children.
Comment by The Clam — July 6, 2006 @ 6:27 pm


laeroport said...

Isn't it great when things just click?

Anonymous said...
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colorfool said...

Whaaaa? Someone was mean? Luckily, I've only gotten rotten spam comments. I'm sorry you got something else.8-(
you are worthy! You've got your hands full with wee ones. I'm so glad that your friend helped you out for the day. The wristlet is so summery and cute. 8-)

coolaidy said...

I think large families are great, I know they can be stressful for others who don't have many children, but I would think anyone would be blessed to help you and invite you places.

If someone wrote something bad on your site about that, they must have something personal they have to deal with. Why do people have to make their hangups others? I'm sorry.

laeroport said...

How rude that someone would leave you a nasty comment! It's just not right! Thanks for the zipper tip on my blog. I'll check it out. Have a great Holiday Weekend!

jen b said...

Can't believe someone left a mean comment. I'm glad you had such a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm a few years behind on this post as I'm reading your blog from the beginning, but i have to comment on this one.

How rude and mean! I can't even believe someone would go to all the trouble to write such horrid comments.

It is totally obvious to me from seeing pictures of your kids that they are all happy (the most important thing). I admire you for all that you have the spirit and the time to do.

x hel x

P.s sorry for reminding you of this nastyness as you'll no doubt have forgotten about this post by now.