Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Day of School

So yesterday was the last day of school for Taylor and Carter. This is what a happy fourth-grader (Taylor) looks like:

And this is my happy second-grader, Carter. Walking so nicely with his arm around Mason, with Jack following. Did you see the background in the above picture how they are hugging each other? How cute is that?!

We celebrated by getting ice cream, popsicles, and slurpees from the 7/11. Last year we went to a local restaurant for ice cream, pie (and I got a salad), but none of us were impressed. I thought 7/11 would be more fun for them ... they are always asking to go (because we don't go there often).

Last night we took the boys to the carnival in a neighboring town. We stayed until almost closing time (10:00 p.m.) because they are out of school. Plus it was ride-all-night for $14 (per kid, Kathie, who inquired). Joe's parents give us money every year for their carnival. And Joe's grandparents gave the children $5 each to play games (because at an average of $2/$3 a game, skee-ball 50 cents, we don't usually let them play). Yes, they played a lot and the stuffed animal population in our household has greatly increased ... yay :-(


Nikki said...

LOL, just what you wanted, more stuffed animals!

Angela said...

cute photos, they look so happy! happy summertime to them.