Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything

First, I have to say that I have finally entered my third trimester! Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! Yipee! (Actually, it's a little scary now ... this is really happening, isn't it?) I'm just happy that everything seems to be going well for this little guy in my belly. The little guy that has no name ... but that's for a different day.

I joined my first swap. It's a Wristlet World. So today, I practiced making the zippered pouch. I haven't sewn a zipper in nearly 10 years. Actually, I was pregnant with Taylor and I made a dress and a pant-suit. They were the first two "real" things I sewed (besides a simple apron, some pillowcases, and valance curtains). And my friend Kathie helped me along the way. (By the way, happy 2nd anniversary, Kathie! Can you believe that I was pregnant with Spenser at your wedding? So much has happened!)

So I conquered my fear. Today I sewed the zipper alone. Yes. I won't lie. There were problems. Not big ones. But, as you can see in the photo, the zipper opens to the left, and, well, I'm right-handed. A little awkward, yes, but it works!

I've been loving green and hot pink together lately. I think I've already mentioned that, though. So, while it is missing the strap to make it an actual "wristlet," here it is:

And today, when I picked up our mail at the post office (our town is so small that everyone has a post office box and they do not deliver mail to our homes, unless it's UPS or FedEx) I saw a padded envelope in the window. I was thrilled to see that it arrived:


jen b said...

lucky girl! I missed out on that

African Kelli said...

YAY! And my God, I so missed out on the Wee Wonderful pattern book and could kick myself. Many congrats on conquering the zipper. Your pouch is super cute.

capello said...

I got mine yesterday too! And I can't wait to make a softie.

And your wristlet is cute!

Anonymous said...

You are very talented!!!!! How do you find the time for your projects with such a large family?