Friday, June 23, 2006

An Easy Project

When I was on bedrest, Joe (at my mother's suggestion) took one of the rocking chairs from our front porch and put in on the deck so I could enjoy some nice spring weather. (At that time, our deck wasn't finished yet, so we didn't have any furniture on it.)

So I"ve been sitting out there watching the children play. Usually with my laptop catching up on some blogs. And the truth is, the rocking chair isn't very comfortable for long periods of time. My back really starts to hurt when I sit there. I've suffered with back pain for nearly 15 years (for unknown reasons) and being pregnant doesn't really help.

As I was browsing Martha the other day, I saw this. Outdoor pillows. Exactly what I need. Something waterproof (hopefully, because it rained last night) and comfortable. So I whipped up this in just minutes:

The vinyl tablecloth came from Target. It was oblong in shape (rectangular) and cost only $2.99. Quite a bargain! I bought it on Memorial Day with hopes of turning it into a waterproof bag to carry. Haven't done that yet.

Hey! Now I may even make a matching pillow for my front-porch rocker!


kookaluka said...

i love that pattern! make more out of the whole tablecloth.

Angela said...

I remember seeing that in Martha. That is such a happy looking pillow! Love it.

capello said...

Oh, I'm jealous of that fabric! I got some of those table cloths too, but mine is striped.

Now they may not be put in storage after all.