Saturday, June 10, 2006

My First Apron ...

Well, actually, it's not my very first apron. When I first learned basic sewing (at church) our project was an apron. And it had a pattern (out of brown paper). And I made an apron for Spenser a little while back. But this was my first apron without a pattern for myself. It's sewn from thrifted sheets and pillowcases and has a vintage button on the pocket. After seeing these cute pockets, I decided to try one for myself.
And here's a closeup of the pocket:

Kim and I went to a baby shower together last night. Kim is a so much fun to hang out with. I think we had the most fun riding in the car together... And eating... And eating while we were helping to clean up... (why do you think we volunteered to help clean up?!? just kidding!)

And thanks for the funny comments regarding Mason's shoes. The thing is, when you have a large family, people tend to judge you and think that you are a welfare family or have too many children to properly care for. (Trust me, I grew up in a family of 8 children!) We can't go anywhere without looks and stares. Imagine how many more looks we get when people see that I'm pregnant! We get comments, looks, stares, etc. And hear some mumblings under breath. Some nice. Some not so nice. When I take my children out, I always want them to look presentable to avoid as many comments, looks, and stares as possible. (Don't get me wrong. Carter wore a Power Rangers halloween costume every single day for almost 2 years in public. For some reason, that is acceptable to the public.)

I thought I should explain the "new family rule" so you wouldn't think I was some prude! At home, wear whatever socks, shoes, pajama bottoms with boots as you like. In public, please try to be presentable for Mama. I don't want people to judge my family on what it wears ... but, sadly, they do.


babybug said...

cute apron! so what ended up being in your ac?!

capello said...

Cute apron! Adorable pocket!

So the shoe thing is understandable.

I get lots of comments and stares, and I only have two kids. Of course, I get the most stares on the days I forget to file their horns down...