Music, an Art Show, and Water Fun

Yesterday we went to see the United States Air Force Heritage Brass (band). They performed a children's concert and it was excellent. Even more excellent because it was free.
It was held at the local art council, so after the show we headed into the "art gallery." Taylor is studying this piece of art made entirely from bubble gum. Incredible.
Carter is studying this "amateur" piece made by the patrons. The "S" on the right was made by my niece, Sheyla, and the little dot about the "A" on the lower left was Mason's. The bowl in front held the gum.

Afterwards, we headed home for a little water fun for Spenser on our deck (while the other children swam in the pool and jumped on the trampoline).Just add water, bubbles, a sponge, and some dishes, and it equals hours of fun. Hours.
And a little grumpy girl, who has almost completely mastered this potty thing. She is giving me the evil eye for taking her picture.


Unknown said…
wow looks like a lot of fun! That bubblegum art is amazing.

I love that picture of Spenser!
Sonja said…
Her evil eye is actually very scrumptious. :)
Anonymous said…
Not that I'm a germ-o-phobe, but bubble gum art gives me the willies. At least they got clean in the pool and scrubbing play dishes!

And yea! Spenser! What a big girl!
Anonymous said…
bubblegum art give me a bit of the willies, too.

she's got a very cute little evil eye thing going.
Karyn said…
Look at that face!!! LOL!!! She tries to look mean but still looks like a sweetie-pie!
Me and Him said…
The bubblegum looks awesome, but creeps me out at the same time.

Love the look on Spensers face. She looks so grown up!
Amanda Jean said…
I will be so sad when my boys aren't easily enticed by a chore that involves a bucket of water and a rag (as they are now)...great shot of your little Spenser. She is adorable. and hurray for almost being potty trained!
laura capello said…
mo-o-o-o-o-om, don't take pictures of me in the bathroom. gawd.
Anonymous said…
Yay Spenser! Big girl.

(N's doing much better already too. Only one accident yesterday and none so far today.)
Heidijayhawk said…
love. that. pic! all of them actually! sounds like tons of fun!

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