I've had a few surprises within the past 24 hours. Only one of them was good.

First up:

A chipped toilet tank lid. Mason went to the bathroom, threw the lid and seat up and it broke right off. I wasn't very happy with him because I always tell the boys they are too rough with everything. (I know. They're boys. But c'mon.)

That paled in comparison to this:

Within two hours, Spenser and I took a trip into the bathroom (she's doing much better, thank you) and when she put the lid down, we heard a loud bang on the bathroom floor. I found a large chunk of the toilet, but had to remove the tank lid to see where it fell from. Nice. Luckily the water level is just below the break. I guess Mason wasn't as rough with it as I had thought.

Joe's going to have a fun weekend, huh? Welcome home, honey. Replace the toilet.

And did I mention that the toilet is only six years old and that it wasn't a cheapy one either? We bought one that had an "antique" feel to it to match our original clawfoot bathtub.

This is the "good" surprise. I was thinking about making a twirly skirt for Spenser and was thinking about the red-gingham bias tape. I kept thinking how cute it would be with some "cherry" fabric, which I didn't have. In my mind I decided to use the yellow fabric that I recently acquired to go along with the red. Turns out, it has cherries on it! (I've always secretly wanted cherry fabric. I don't love this fabric, but it has cherries on it!)

Now onto that last of the not-so-good surprises of this morning. I thought, being the first non-school day of the summer, I would "sleep in" (as much as a mother can). Ha! Baby decided that he wanted to nurse at 5:00 a.m. and be all cute in bed with me and try to do some cute baby talking. Then Taylor walked into my room 7-ish and claimed he thought he had pinkeye. So much for sleeping in. (Taylor is very eye sensitive and getting drops in his eyes are worse than 4-year-old Mason.)


Karyn said…
Yikes, sorry to hear about your toilet and possible pink eye!! On the bright side, that skirt is simply adorable!!! (And Joe gets home tomorrow!)
Anonymous said…
wow, welcome home, joe indeed! :)

and since it's now 'summer' my boys are starting their Wake Up At 5:30AM Every Morning Tradition.

Katie Jean said…
haha, poor Joe! At least he'll be home soon!!

I love the skirt. I have some cherry fabric I just cut for my swap. The rest is going into the mail for you.
laura capello said…
gah. geesh.

joe's gonna have so much fun, between fixing that toilet and giving you unlimited naps.
Anonymous said…
well, at least the skirt is cute!
Anonymous said…
Oh, man. When it rains it pours.

Can't wait to see her twirl!
Anonymous said…
Welcom home, Joe. Send that wife of yours to a spa for the weekend. She's earned it.

Cherry gingham bias tape twirly skirt - now that sounds fun!
Amanda said…
Oh no! Boys, I tell you! My middle child wakes up at 7 am no matter what. Very maddening. I really want to make a twirly skirt - I love yours!
Velcro the tank lid onto the new toilet tank. - keeps the lid from moving forward "into the line of fire" I sell toilets and the more expensive ones come with the lids velcored on. ALso you should be able to just buy the new tank. Not a whole new toilet if it is only six years old.

email me if you would like more information. My real persona is a crafter but in the job that pays the bills I sell toilets.
Anonymous said…
That's the life of a mom, isn't it...some days are just filled with constant surprises, and those days happen most during potty training! Just a couple of days ago my Timo hung on a towel hook and pulled it and a chunk of the wall out. Guess what my hubby will be doing this weekend? He'll be in the bathroom too.
Anonymous said…
Oh man!!! You're quite lucky that big one isn't under the water line. Hopefully the kids will be a little gentler with it now.

The skirt is adorable! I so want to buy those bias tape makers now!
Berber said…
That was not a good day for your toilet :(
Can't wait to see the skirt though... I bet it's cute!
Heidijayhawk said…
good grief. you are really ready for your hubby to come home huh! love the combo of that fabric and bias tape! so cool. looks a bit like the one i made abby!
Amanda Jean said…
it sounds like you have been having a joyous time there...hope you get a few days away by yourself after Joe comes back home.
Anonymous said…
LOL Oh dear! You've had a dilly of a time. At least Joe is back :)

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