Progress on WIPs

He's gone.
For two weeks. He's two time zones away. I'm going to miss him. This is the progress on last week's quilt WIP. The top is all sewn together. The backing is almost there (I did that last night after the children were asleep.) The planning of this quilt has changed so many times. I can barely remember what I originally had in mind. I think I'll start to get panicky when I start the quilting part. I'm not looking forward to that. I don't think I can do it.
And, finally, here is the Memorial Day skirt I made last Friday. I wore it on Sunday to church (with a white blouse) and then on Monday (with a white tee) to the first parade of the week. It's from Simplicity 7229. While it was a very simple pattern (although not as easy as Simplicity 5505), I have to say that I am not loving the yoke. It was supposed to be cut on the bias, which makes it lay funny above the drawstring. It's okay, though, and when I make it again, I will probably not cut it on the bias. This skirt was made from the piles of vintage fabric that were recently given to me. (And all of the quilt, except for the white. That is new.) You can see a closeup of the skirt fabric here.


Anonymous said…
Laura, let me know if you need anything. I'm sure that it's difficult when Joe's not there.
Karyn said…
How sad that Joe's gone!!! And even sadder that you took that picture :)
Your quilt will be perfect, of course you can do it!!
I agree with you about the yoke, maybe it would be better not cut on the bias????? It's really pretty, for a skirt :) :)
Anonymous said…
I have to agree about the yoke. I think it makes most women, myself included, a bit too pudgy. It would just highlight my pooch too much! But otherwise it is so pretty. You could always remake it.

Stay strong while your husbands away and know that I'm sending positive thoughts your way :)
Berber said…
Your skirt looks lovely!
Anonymous said…
Hang in there. I'll be thinking of you!
Anonymous said…
good luck - you'll get a lot done while he's gone, i'm sure (since you won't be sleeping...)
thanks for the skirt yoke tip - i was going to get that pattern, too!
Katie Jean said…
awww that's so long for him to be away!

And I love the quilt. Quilting itself scares me. I tried to do it once on my machine and it ate the fabric. Haven't tried since then.
laura capello said…
you can totally quilt it! i'm sure of it!

as for joe being gone, gah. i wish i could invite you and crew over for dinner.
rt said…
What a beautiful quilt!
Anonymous said…
Sorry Joe is gone. :(
The quilt looks so lovely Lera. You can finish it. I know you can. The skirt is quite cute too!
Anonymous said…
so sorry he's gone. at least he's not gone 6 to 8 time zones away in the opposite direction.

the bright side? all that time you won't be sleeping to finish that beautiful quilt with. i'm amazed at how fast you cut those squares and sewed them together. unbelievable!
Heidijayhawk said…
oh the quilt look s fabulous! come on, if i ws able to do it without kosing my mind, you can do it too!! hope big is that puppy!
Amanda Jean said…
oh, how you must miss your husband! hope that the two weeks go quickly and well for you all.

the quilt is looking wonderful. good luck on the quilting. It takes practice...that's all I can tell you. Lots of practice.
Anonymous said…
So sorry he's gone. I hope the 2 weeks just fly by and you get lots of projects done! Take care of yourself and the kids.
Anonymous said…
Isn't she just the perfect wife!?

To write about me in her blog and me having to see that picture from halfway across the USA.

I miss you too honey.

Two weeks will go quickly.

I love you.


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