Winding Down

We're winding down the school year. Today is Jack's last day of kindergarten and Mason's last day of preschool. Even though Mason graduated last week, he still has school today (and since I paid a half-month's tuition back in August, he's going). They are having "sprinkler day," so he is ready and waiting in his swim trunks.

I've spent the past two nights working on teachers' gifts. This year I'm making cards and giving a lavender plant. The cards are the same as the ones I made for Mothers Day, using the Amy Bulter scrapbooking paper. They're coming together okay, but when I have ten teachers, the process is becoming a little long.

We're in a rush this morning, I still have to wrap up the plants that were too damp last night.

And, if you didn't see Spenser, go take a peek. I'm going to take it down in a few days.


Katie Jean said…
wow ten teachers! I love the idea of lavender plants. I'm sure they will all love getting them!
Karyn said…
I love the cards and I KNOW how time consuming they are. I think I counted 11 steps to completing one card once but they look great!
Anonymous said…
What a nice gift, Lera. And ten times over! Yikes! We had 9 teachers, including the piano teacher this year. That was plenty.

And the video of Spenser - pricesless. ;) Thanks for sharing.
Heidijayhawk said…
what lovely gifts dear! my munchkins have been out for a few weeks already!
laura capello said…
and this is the point where i show my true laziness -- i just chip in for those end-of-the-year teacher gifts. i did the same thing during the holidays.

yeah, i know: i rock. pshaw.
Anonymous said…
That's a lot of cards! But it is a gift that will be SO appreciated.

Spenser is so cute and full of life and energy! So precious.

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