Chunky Pendant

I ran into the fabric store a few days before Easter to find some more polka dot fabric. Somehow I ended up in their jewelry-making aisle. That's where I spied this big ... whatever it is. I knew it would make a fab pendant. After getting the package home, it says that it is a semi-precious turquenite and "turquenite = healing." Hmmmm. Maybe I need to wear it to see if it heals my achy back and knees. I'll let you know how that goes.

I might even slip it onto Sawyer's neck. He's sick again. He's coughing, has runny nose, and a fever and I realized he was wheezing early yesterday evening. Poor guy. We have a nebulizer, so I hooked him up immediately and he was able to get two treatments by the time he went to bed. He's miserable. And he just finished his antibiotic last night!


Karyn said…
Wowza! That is one awesome looking pendant!

I hope Sawyer is feeling better, FAST!
Sarah and Jack said…
I;ve been wearing my big amber pendant lately for the same reason. And I have to say, whether it is real or in my head, I think it is working.
beki said…
That color is so pretty, Lera!
misschris said…
Great pendant, Lera!

And poor Sawyer...he must be pretty sick, poor baby. Does he do the nebbie ok?
Anonymous said…
Cool! I bought a neat chunky pendant yesterda from the clearance jewlery at Kohl's.

Hope Sawyer is better.
Jana Nielson said…
My baby went through 2 series of Antibiotics...and still had the runny nose, and ear infection. My Doctor ended up giving him an antibiotic shot, and he was doing better in a couple of hours.
Honestly! It was like a miracle.
The nurse said that they don't offer you the shot usually, you have to ask for it! You might want to check it out! It saved us!
Amanda Jean said…
the pendant is perfect!

my kids are sick too. bad colds=whiny kids

hope Sawyer is feeling better soon.
hooli said…
Thinking healing thoughts for you and yours.

PS -- Your, "Somehow I ended up in their jewelry-making aisle." statement cracked me up. That's kinda like my, "Somehow I managed to eat all the kids' Easter candy."
Poor Sawyer, hope he is better now.

The pendant is really pretty. I don't think it is very chunky, just perfect.
Chara Michele said…
Love that pendant!

I hope Sawyer feels better very soon!
Anonymous said…
aww, i hope he feels better soon. put the pendant on him.

lovely pendant. i am so not a jewelry person, and yet. i. must. resist. the temptation.

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