White Shirt: 3835

I needed a new shirt. No, really, I needed a new shirt. A white one. For church.

Tonight we are having an activity with the young women and I need to wear a white shirt. I have a plethora of white tees, but nothing nicer. I needed a new shirt. All in the name of church. How could I refuse?

The shirt is another Simplicity 3835. It is made with an airy cotton gauze. It was a pain to sew, but it feels so good on! Seriously, it's very comfy. I lengthened the shirt a tad and cut the back piece on the fold instead of two separate pieces, which I always do.

And, it's not more bread, it's salt dough for Carter's class. They are making a map and needed salt dough donations. Luckily we got yellow this year. One year we were assigned brown and it was harder than heck to make brown that was dark enough and brown enough with food coloring.

Salt dough:

4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 1/2 cups water, food coloring.

Mix flour and salt together. Slowly add water. It is easier to mix in the food coloring if it is added to the water. Knead until it is soft and mixed together. It should have the consistency of Play-Doh. (Hopefully you won't have dry cracks in your hands, like me, and the salt won't burn you.)


Stacey said…
Very pretty! Love your necklace as well. HAve a good day :)
Karyn said…
GREAT top!

Do you have any idea how fast I'd have the front of that all stained! You are brave to wear white!
nikko said…
Cute shirt, as usual. :o)

Salt dough... haven't made any of that in a while. Might have to use that idea for a spring break activity next week!
Unknown said…
That shirt turned out great! I really like it. Thanks for the salt dough recipe. :D
Shannon said…
Love the top. That will come in handy for the summer for sure!

My kids would love the salt dough. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Lovely top- perfect necklace for it too.
Anonymous said…
"All in the name of church." OMIGOSH!!! That's a good one. I'll have to use it sometime. I love the shirt, btw. So cute! Why was it a pain to sew? Since the fabric is so thin and light did you do French seams on it?
Anonymous said…
love that shirt! And thanks for the recipe!
Amanda Jean said…
the shirt looks perfect!!!
Another great top from that pattern. You are definitely getting your money's worth from that :)

I want to sew the dress version from that pattern later too. Are you planning to do the dress?
Anonymous said…
nice shirt. i've seen pretty gauzy fabrics lately - but they are still too intimidating to me.
Anonymous said…
lol @ the salt dough! We did get assigned brown. :p It did not look right.
Tonya said…
LOVE the shirt, especially in the gauze! I think I may have to copy you : ) It is a nice shirt, but still looks comfortable. I am all about comfort in my clothes LOL
melissa said…
I love the shirt. It looks so pretty in that soft white fabric. You mentioned a young women activity. Are you LDS?
Chara Michele said…
Love the new top of course! :)

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