Easter WIPs

I have been working on the children's Easter outfits a little here and a little there. It's going to be a polka-dotty Easter this year. Blue for boys. Purple for girls. Everyone has something new to wear as of right now. Except for me. I also have a few accessories in mind I'd like to sew for Spenser if I have time.

Here's a peek at the back of Spenser's Easter dress.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said…
you're so good. we're not doing anything special for easter - not even clothes (first time EVER!). my reasoning is that the gorgeous clothes they received last year still fits them!

good thing, too - i'm way sick. yuck.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I'm so loving polka dots at the moment, would you believe I even bought a dotty teapot the other month! I can't wait to see them in their special Easter outfits.

For once I didn't make my 2 anything this year. We have nobig plans and both of them are saying they have enough jumpers and cardi's. HMPH! At least I have inundated them with bunnies thet'll teach them. LOL

Well done for taking the trouble and time. I do wonder if you sleep with the amount of crafting you manage. You're seriously good!
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!
Karyn said…
I'm loving the polka dots! I can't wait to see what you made!

Happy Easter!
Bonus Mom said…
PoLkA dOtS I Love it! I can't wait to see what your family looks like on Easter! I'm sure they will be adorable!
Anonymous said…
Every year for Easter, Hali gets a polka-dottted dress. We love polka-dots. This year was admittedly difficult to carry out that tradition, but the Osh Kosh outlet a couple towns over had a cute one that I actually liked and figured there wouldn't be a dozen other little girls wearing. SO I even went and got Jeremy and I green Easter outfits to match. How cute and ridiculous are we?!
Can't wait to see the photos!

I love polka dots too. I have a meter of one fabric that I really like and I have yet to cut into it though, really, polka dot fabrics are quite easy to find. Just the hoarder in me makes me very reluctant to use the fabric :)
Heidijayhawk said…
can't wait to see the finished products! hope you guys had a great Easter!

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