Easter Eve Happenings

On Saturday morning, Carter's cub scout pack held their annual Pinewood Derby. Carter's car was Da Bunny. (When you say it, you have to sing The Bunny like from Veggie Tales ... "The bunny, the bunny, oh I ate the bunny ...") His car didn't win very many races, but he won Most Artistic. And it was cute.

We came home and started to dye our eggs. So many cracked before and after boiling them and during the egg dying process when little hands dropped some and they rolled right off the table and across the kitchen floor. It was slightly disappointing.

And then I got right to work on candy making. Buckeyes and

Coconut Indulgences. Nothing says Easter to me like the combinations of peanut butter and milk chocolate and coconut and dark chocolate ... and blue Robin's Egg candies rubbed on my lips like lipstick ... Ahhh. The childhood memories.


nikko said…
Way to go, Carter! What a great looking car.

You know, I clicked on the recipe for those coconut things (because I do not have power to resist anything coconut and chocolate!) and the page came up with about 5 ads for weight loss stuff. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Man, I love that car!!

And yeah, I can't even say the words "the bunny" without singing that song...
jessica said…
all look fun and yummy! We had lots off dropped eggs too - Peter would just throw them into the cups with the dye. It took a few before he learned he needed to be more gentle.
Jo-Anne said…
Hi there. I came across your blog and love it. I would like to introduce myself....I am a crafting LDS mother living in Arizona.
I love the pinewood derby car...boy, that sure brings back memories. My boys are all past that age now.
Have a wonderful day. :):):)
Karyn said…
Way to go Carter!!!!!

And...please call them what they are, peanut butter balls. :)

"Buckeyes" must be a fancy shmancy American term!
Liz said…
My mouth is watering just looking at the buckeyes! Congratulations to your little racer - his car looks awesome.
XUE said…
such a pleasure to read your posts! what incredible strength you must have, to be a mother of 6 & still do all these home crafts & sew! Super-mama!
misschris said…
'the bunny'...heh heh heh. You have to say it like that.


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