They Have Their Own Style

Spenser has been dressing herself for months now. She has her own little style, that I've shared again and again. I love to see the concoctions she comes up with. The above outfit was from earlier in the week. I love that she is wearing a handmade shirt and a handmade skirt (and a Strawberry Shortcake Band-Aid on her knee to match her skirt). And no outfit is complete without a frilly wand. I forget where we went that day, but the wand came with us.

Yesterday Sawyer decided he needed to wear two pairs of pajamas. During Sawyer's lunch (he fell asleep early yesterday and missed lunch), Spenser was painting. She was covered head to toe in paint. She needed a bath. After Sawyer's lunch, he needed a bath, too. And two pairs of pajamas. He cried and thrashed about until I realized what he wanted.

And this is Spenser's library outfit from yesterday. She wore this dress from two years ago, polka-dotted tights, cardi and hot pink cowboy boots.

One day this week I walked past her room to see her wearing this dress, on top of this dress, on top of this dress. I wish I had taken a photo. It was quite a look!

[Spenser was "bribed" with a rain-gwop (gumdrop) so that I could photograph her in the library get-up. She's getting a little camera shy lately.]


At least you can claim you have stylish kids!

Seriously, I think it is cute when they dress themselves. You never know what you will find them wearing.
nikko said…
I think it's great that they dress themselves. Mine would stay in their pajamas all day if I let them. :o)

Spenser is such a little cutie!
Karyn said…
I love that you let her dress herself! She's one little cutie!

And two pairs of jammies? Sweet :)
pungsnotded said…
Children have the best and most free fashion sense. We could learn alot from them!
Anonymous said…
She's a little fashionista!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend!
Shannon said…
I love this!! My mom was so strict about what I wore as a kid that it makes me smile on the inside when I see kids developing their own sense of style. I just found mine a few years ago and there is nothing like outwardly expressing who you feel you are on the inside. Good work mom and you have some fabulously unique kiddos!
Amanda Jean said…
ha! love the two pair of pajamas!!! that is cute.
utmommy said…
Love it!!
Cindy Is Crafty said…
Spencer is quite the individual. I like her combos as they show she has spirit! She will g far with that.
Emily said…
What a lovely post! Enjoy reading where kids are free to express themselves! Love those pictures!
misschris said…
I love Spenser. I really do. She's got spunk, that one. Don't you wish you could just bottle that up?

And thanks for the soap, sweetie! I got it and have to sniff if every time I walk by... heaven. xo
Anonymous said…
awww. what a cutie!
Chara Michele said…
She looks so cute in her library outfit. I think Spenser is going to be a very fashionable young lady someday! She already has such a fun sense of style :)

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