Last Easter I decided I needed to have a bowl of wooden eggs. I bought them and did nothing with them. Until December. I know, it's an odd time to think of eggs.

One night, during Advent, the children were painting. I remembered my eggs and decided I would finally paint them. After painting them, I speckled them with a toothbrush (except the golden egg). And the next day I sealed them with clear spray paint. I remember the day I sprayed them. It was the day of Taylor's birthday sleepover and each boy that came to our house asked me why I had "Easter eggs" on the front porch. I'm sure the parents thought I was nuts.

And guess what! Last week I bought some smaller "robins eggs" that I plan to paint blue. They might be painted this spring. Maybe. I'm not making any promises. (I still have Easter outfits to figure out and make! That's my priority.)


Unknown said…
I remember clearly when you were painting those eggs and I *did* think you were nuts. But who's laughing now???? Those are so pretty!

I can't wait to the blue ones!
beki said…
Your eggs are pretty! I couldn't have them in my house because I'm sure they wouldbe thrown or hidden some place. Good luck getting your Easter outfits together - you don't have much time!
misschris said…
Pretty eggs... I think light blue ones sometimes later this summer will be a lovely addition. ;)

I'm sure 4 days is plenty of time for the talented Lera to whip up a whole wardrobe for the family... isn't it? Can't wait to see what you do! xo
Emily said…
Lera WILL get things done on time! I just wonder how she does it everytime!

Eggs? I like mine sunny side up, soft boiled ~ eaten from the shell which drives DH crazy - when he has them, they are cracked into a small warmed bowl with soy sauce and black pepper!; and in dark chocolate form!
Those eggs are pretty! I think it is a great idea.

I am sure you will come through as always and have those Easter outfits all ready.
Anonymous said…
those are great. i can't wait to see your robin's eggs.

oh - and how clever to use a toothbrush to speckle. i'm going to have to file that one away.

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