Finding Happiness

This has been an especially hard week. Joe is out of town. I thought I was getting sick again. Taylor didn't feel well one day. Jackson another day. The boys have been bickering and extremely messy. Everyone has a bad attitude and I can't wait for this week to end.

There are several things that make me smile even when I feel like crying. One of them includes these snowdrop flowers. Every February they peep out their pretty little heads and remind me that spring is nearing. I love these flowers. They are all over our yard. In the front flower beds. In the back, randomly throughout our yard. Every year they return in abundance, sharing their goodness with me.

So when I spotted a "Snowdrop Fairy" craft in my book, I knew these babies had to be made. My little gentle indoor reminders that all is well.

Another thing that makes me smile is a good mail day. Yesterday I received a parcel from Karyn. She sent me some of her handmade soap, including her Manly soap, Oatmeal, Lemon Poppyseed, and Chocolate Mint. But wait! There's more ....

My very own Sewer Sludge soap (aka Mocha soap). Made especially for moi!

Thank you, Karyn. You sure know how to brighten my day!


Karyn said…
I'm sorry you're having a bad week. It can't be easy with Joe away!

I'm glad that the flowers make you happy and I'm glad that the soap made you happy.
Anonymous said…
chin up, babe!
you'll make it - those fairies are way cute!
nikko said…
Aw, man! I hope today is a better day.

Sewer sludge soap? How fun is that!
misschris said…
Is the sewer sludge the answer to meat soap?? ;)

I love that the snowdrops have come out for you and are cheering you up...Here's to being *that* much closer to the end of the week!

Oh, and yes. The fairies? They push the cute meter over the top!
Amanda Jean said…
we are having lots of the bickering and arguing (and lots of tears here) too. I don't know what is up...must be cabin fever. spring can't come soon enough!!!
Chara Michele said…
Oh what a lovely package from Karyn! :) I hope your week gets better (or that it hurries up & gets over with...)
atet said…
I'm still waiting on some flowers here (we got snow last night -- ick) but those dolls and the soaps look lovely. Spenser's haircut looks adorable and I think I need to make a mob cap. Either that or start digging through some of my old costume stuff -- I swear I have a couple in there...
Anonymous said…
Hia Lera, what wonderful snowdrop fairies! Well done for getting any crafting done when you're flying solo. Hope the illness goes for good,
Best Wishes,
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry it has been a bad week. Thank goodness for the little things that keep it from going from bad to horrible.

utmommy said…
I'm so sorry. It always seems that the bad things happen all at once. I hope things look up for you soon!
Sorry to hear you are having a bad week. Hope it will pick up for you real soon.
Anonymous said…
oh, i hate those weeks. i'm sorry and here's to it ending quickly!

you know how i love those little dolls. we LOVE making them around here.

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