I Want It Shorter

Remember when Spenser decided she wanted a haircut? Well, I am happy to report that she has had her hair cut.

This was her first ever. She was excited. And happy.

I took her into the bathroom to look at it in the mirror and she replied, "I want it shorter." I was afraid of that.

I think it looks great. Even with Oobleck in it.

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.


Karyn said…
Spenser is the sweetest little girl ever!!! I can barely stand it!

So, are you going to get it cut shorter? Or is she happy with it now?

And, I looked up Oobleck (never heard of it before) and I want to ask you. Did you make a ball out of it and throw it up in the air to see it flatten???? You should. :)
Anonymous said…
cute! i'm glad she didn't insist on a buzz cut! ;)
Amanda Jean said…
oh, it's CUTE!!! I've been chopping-I mean carefully trimming-my daughter's hair and she isn't even 2 yet.
Stacey said…
Never heard of OObleck before...thanks for the link!
dig this chick said…
I love that you made oobleck and that at the end of the recipe it declares that it doesn't bounce. ha.

cute haircut.
misschris said…
Sweet girl. I like the new 'do! Great job, momma!

Oobleck. Wonderful. xo
Anonymous said…
Aidin had ooblek at school yesterday - and that is one cute cut on Spenser. Save the buzz cut til you're older, little one. And then dye it pink. :)
Chara Michele said…
It looks cute! Are you going to let her get it cut shorter or is she okay with it now? :)
I think the haircut looks cute on her. I haven't cut Munchkin's hair yet, except for the front and I don't know when I will be ready to ;)
Emily said…
Spenser's so preeettty! Well, Short is the most evident haircut around... that your house i.e.!! Just pretend you did not hear she wanted it shorter! and do keep those scissors hidden! I am too old for Oobleck!
Anonymous said…

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