Friday, August 17, 2007

A Road Trip - Fabric Answers

We're on a road trip. To New Jersey. (We left yesterday because Joe has to teach a class this morning.)

The kids are loving it. Another mini-getaway.

(Kathy, can you name that hotel?)

I received a lot of questions in yesterday's post about my Japanese fabrics. I will try my best to answer them.

  • The fairy tale/storybook fabrics came from Superbuzzy and Reprodepot. They sell out quickly so you need to check often and buy them as soon as you see them.
  • The Wizard of Oz came from Superbuzzy. It looks like they are sold out now. It's a light-weight canvas and kind of pricey. I had a credit with them, so when I bought it, it didn't seem quite as expensive. (Do you like my rationalization??) I think Reprodepot carried it, too. They both have Jack and the Beanstalk, which is similar to the Wizard of Oz.
  • The red fabric with the letters came from Superbuzzy, I think. Although both stores may have carried it at some point.
  • The bird fabric is by Lecien and is called "My Folklore." It took me forever to track it down in the US. By the time I saw it on someone else's blog, it was nearly impossible to find here. I just found a source last week (when I was on my buying spree): Monkey Foot Designs. She sells beautiful handmade goodies and fabric. The best of both worlds. I ordered it late, late Thursday night and I received it Monday. Quick service.
  • I have seen other colorways of the "My Folklore" at both Superbuzzy and Reprodepot. They are pretty, too, but not as colorful.
  • How much do I buy at a time? I usually buy one yard. At Reprodepot, the minimum is one yard. At Superbuzzy, I think the minimum is 1/2 yard. The Three Bears fabric is only 1/2 yard. I think I ordered a yard, but they didn't have that much in stock. (Maybe how I got my credit?)
  • Helpful Hint: When Superbuzzy restocks a previously sold-out fabric, it is not listed as a new product. You have to find it on your own via a search. I just missed out on some fairy tale fabric last week because I had forgotten that tidbit. By the time I saw it and was ready to order some, it was sold out. It can happen that quickly.
  • What am I planning to make? I'm not sure. The "My Folklore" was bought to make new curtains for my room, but I'm not sure now about the white trim and the off-white fabric. My friend, Kim, has offered to help repaint my trim to match the fabric. What a friend!

All of the fabrics I bought were bought two at a time, maybe three. And it has been over the period of a few months. The fabric that I want most (and have for over a year) is the Little Red Riding Hood in the same style. I keep waiting to be able to find it again, somewhat affordably, in the US.


Chara Michele said...

Have fun on your trip! :)

nikko said...

Sounds like you will have fun on your little getaway.

Thanks for answering your fabric questions. I actually have never ordered fabric online. I like to touch it and feel it, I guess. Someday I'll have to get over that, though, because there is some cute stuff out there!

Karyn said...

Let's get the record straight......I DID post a comment here earlier!!!!!

I think I said something like "What a great get-away, sounds like a lot of fun!!".

I bet you deleted it just to get me in trouble....OR....I probably messed up the word verification and THOUGHT that my comment was left.

Am I still in trouble????? :)

capello said...

oooo! another trip! lucky!

i totally need to start building a whimsical stash. the 30s are threatening to take over.

Kathy said...

SHEESH! I can only name the hotel/motel if it's one of the Marriotts. :) So Fairfield or Courtyard? If not that then you have me stumped!

Your fabric is so cool!!!