Thursday, August 02, 2007

Corners of My Home

This is the neglected side of our 130+-year-old house. Please try to ignore the ugly asbestos siding and the shamrock-green shutters (they are seriously shamrock green, we found the spray paint can that bore the name from the previous owner, Joe's great-aunt). I certainly try to ignore them. Joe has painted the front and the back and re-sided one side, but this side is how we bought it. This side of the house is very tall, and we never had a ladder tall enough. We just invested in some used scaffold (found locally through ebay), so I'm hoping Joe will re-side this soon and take down the shutters so they can be properly painted to match the rest of the house.

Because of the all of the full-grown trees, grass will not grow. No matter how many times we've planted it. No matter what brand of grass we try. It will not grow.

I rarely go to that side of the house. We had a small fence up to keep the kids in, but Joe wanted something with more privacy. Maybe so I'd actually wear a bathing suit and get in our pool (?).

Anyway, this is Joe's new project. A privacy fence on the side of our house. He started it on Saturday. I'd say he got pretty far in a day's time (especially since he had to dig the holes first). I am supposing he will finish it this Saturday.

And isn't she purty? And big? This is the new air-conditioning unit (the one on the right) we had installed on Monday. As much as it cost, it oughta be pretty. It's a lot larger than the previous one, almost industrial size. The installer promised we would not have any problems with this system. It has a ten-year warranty on the compressor. That makes us happy, considering we have replaced the compressor in both units and a motor in one in the past 1 1/2 years. (Both of these units are now hidden behind our new fence.)


Karyn said...

What a beautiful air conditioner!!!! What a bummer that you had to get your old one replaced!!!!!

It's 95 degrees here today with the humidity. Thank goodness for AC!

TinkerBlue said...

yeah for airconditioning. Ours died last summer and despite the heat this year we just haven't got round to forking out the dollars needed to replace it.

nikko said...

Oh, come on! The shamrock green is cute in a 100-year-old-house kind of way.

Yay for new AC! Yay for fences and handy husbands!

FinnyKnits said...

Oh, air conditioning. What blessed a thing, the A/C. I just work extra hours and keep the dog with me so that we can avoid the molten inferno of our house during the summer.

Good job, Joe! Fences are a BIG thing around these parts. Although, no one is getting into a swimsuit regardless of its height. WHAT IF THE GATE OPENS?!!

Too scary. Must stay clothed.

amandajean said...

enjoy your new air conditioner! (It's always something, isn't it?)

utmommy said...

I could never live without an AC. Call me spoiled I know.

Heidijayhawk said...

good gracious!!! are you basking in cool air yet?!