A Prestigious Art Show

Last night we attended a prestigious art show for local artists. Young artists. Very young. Elementary-age artists.

My little Jackson was one of the artists:

My budding artist. He is very creative and loves to draw, cut, hole-punch, tape, staple, glue, decorate, embellish, and use every available medium to create pieces of art.

We are very happy for him that his piece was selected for display.

I finished a mailorder bonnet for Spenser. I was having a bad day a few days ago and decided I needed to sew for a few minutes to get in a better mood. It didn't help. I had massive lint in the shuttle, which resulted in my machine making loud, scary noises before it stopped working. After three attempts to clean it out, it started working again. Until operator error caused another problem, which resulted in an intense workout with the seam ripper. And then I quit. I was in a more discouraged mood than when I started.

I just finished it this morning. Spenser tried it on for 2 seconds and became suddenly bashful when I whipped out the camera.

(She's sitting in the free thrifted high chair.)

Elbow Update: I am going to the doctors this afternoon. I'm hoping they just drain the darn thing. While it still feels warm from the outside, from the inside it feels cold. Totally freaky! I feel like I'm wearing an ice-pack on my elbow.

Carter's Girlfriend Update: When Carter came home from school on Wednesday, I asked him how Laura was. Very innocently he said, "Oh, I 'quit' on her." What a brief, whirlwind of a romance.


Anonymous said…
hooray for jackson!
i majored in art education, and the children's art show we put on at the end of student teaching was awesome. how proud those kids and their parents were. besides the fact that most of the pieces were really quite good.

(what's up with EVERYONE having a bad day the other day?)
Joanna said…
How cute is Jackson looking up at the camera like that? I bet he was super proud to have you at the art show! Sorry you were in a bummer of a mood. I've had a few of those days lately. For me it's the lack of sunshine and being indoors way too much. Anyway, hope the doctor can figure out what to do for you!
Karyn said…
The bonnet is very cute!!

I hope your elbow is nothing. If draining it makes you happy then I hope that's what I hope they do!!

Have a great weekend!
beki said…
Way to go Jackson!

Good luck at the Dr's. I hope he can give you some relief.
laura capello said…
carter is quite the ladies man.

and jackson's art is fabulous.

and geesh, spenser sure is getting big.

let me know how the elbow goes.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Jackson! And love to your other babes and to you. Hope the doctor fixes that elbow right up.
Anonymous said…
Spenser? Shy? Maybe if you took her shirt off! Ha ha! Okay, my new year's resolution on that one didn't last long!!!

I sure hope your elbow is okay! That's kind of scary, but fluid definitely sounds better than something solid in there. I had a little pea sized bump removed from my finger a few years ago. It was no big deal, but such a hassle with little kids to take care of.

I hope as your elbow gets better you'll feel better as well. Anytime there's something wrong physically, I get down emotionally.
Me and Him said…
Way to go Jackson!

Hope the elbow is better soon.

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