Like Mother

Like Daughter.
I just had to do it. I'm sorry. (It's not like I didn't warn you ...) It's supposed to be 60+ degrees tomorrow and nothing says spring like new spring clothing. Cherry clothing.

Is it disturbing that my past two Monday posts are cherry filled? Don't worry. The cherry fabric is almost gone. Almost.

This past Thursday the 24-hour stomach bug hit our family. Mason came home early from school with a belly ache. Carter came home (regular time) complaining of a belly ache. And I awoke 1:00 a.m. Friday with a belly ache. Thankfully it only lasts 24 hours. I lost five pounds that day. Not too shabby, I suppose. So far, five of our eight have been afflicted. I'm hoping it's outta here. Stay well.


Karyn said…
I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you're feeling better now.

LOVE the cherry top!!!!! Did I tell you I bullied DianNe into making one of those tops for herself? She didn't pay attention to my instructions to make the back all one piece though and now she regrets it. She'll learn to listen to us some day.

Emily said…
Sorry to hear you've all been sick.

I have some of that same cherry fabric to make the same top! How funny
Amanda Jean said…
I would have been disappointed if you DIDN'T make the cherry shirt. it's wonderful!

sorry to hear that you and your family were sick!!! hope everyone is doing better.
beki said…
Cute, cute! If Lily and I had matching tops, she would be in HEAVEN! I hope the stomach bug is done with your crew :)
misschris said…
I'm so glad you made one! Cute stuff.

Hope you are all on the road to wellville now... xo
Katie Jean said…
Ooh, I'd like to lose 5 lbs in a day ;) But I'd rather not be sick. I hope you guys are all feeling better.

I love the cherry top! I think perhaps one day I will get that pattern!

Are you enjoying this warm weather?? I hope it stays around!
Anonymous said…

oh the bug. so glad you're all feeling better now.
I have been waiting for a post on your cherry top. I knew you were going to make one for yourself.

Sorry to hear you and some of your family members were not well. Here's hoping you have seen the end of it.

I noticed you are wearing the pendant in the photo too :)
Berber said…
Very cute shirts... you'll be such a pretty couple!
Chara Michele said…
I love the cherry fabric & that top! :)

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