Another great beginning on bedrest

I woke up to a good morning. Minimal spotting today.

Carter brought me breakfast in bed. Strawberry yogurt and an apple juice juice-box. Yummy. Then Joe brought me a blueberry muffin that he made yesterday. He has been so darn domestic lately! Cupcakes on Monday. Blueberry muffins on Wednesday. Chocolate chip cookies today. He even delivered a few warm cookies to my bed right before lunch. He was just trying to spoil my appetite. That's nearly impossible!

Last night dear Sandy brought dinner to us. Chicken cacciatore, corn, bread, and brownies. She even joined us for dinner. It was very nice. I felt like I had gone to a restaurant. I had my dinner served to me (on the family room couch). I had nice dinner conversation with Sandy. I was waited on between Sandy and Joe. It was like a little bit of heaven, right from the comfort of my sofa. She even brought a "centerpiece." Lovely potted pink and yellow tulips so I can plant them this spring (or shall I say Joe will plant them).

This morning I had some friends call. Christy (on her way to Costco's to see if I needed anything); Brinda to check up on me; and Amy, who is bringing dinner tonight. So nice. You never really know how many friends you have until something like this happens. I get very emotional thinking about all the kindness that has been extended to me and my family.

Christy stopped by to deliver yummy churos to me and Joe. So yummy! I have never had them before. It was a nice treat. It was so long, that I could only eat half. Let me re-phrase that: I only allowed myself to eat half. I'm sure I could have easily eaten mine and Joe's. I'm just hoping the boys don't discover the other half! I know. I'm bad. (I sent the other half with Joe to the kitchen so I wouldn't be tempted.)

So now I wait. I wait until my doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning. I thought I would get some good news, but then I remembered that, until my next sonogram, there wouldn't be anything "new" to report. I am now assuming I will be on bedrest at least until then. Dr. B. said I would need them every 3-4 weeks, so I think I will try to schedule it closer to the 3-week mark. I can't stand not knowing.

Oh, I realize it's Thursday and time for "Corners of My Home." When I make my once-daily trek downstairs today, I may try to post a picture. If not, it can wait. The only corners I'm seeing lately are the ones in my bedroom.

One more thing. I think the hematoma thing I have is called "Sub-chorionic hematoma." I would have included a link to this, however I cannot find a lot about it. Only message boards from others who have had this problem. Not a lot of medical information available. Sorry. You can try to find something yourself if you are interested.


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