Can I love anyone more than this?

This is Spenser in her newest summer dress. I bought it at Marshall's last night for only $12.99. She had to wear it right away and she is completely adorable in it. Already this morning she has "eh-eh"-ed to wear it. (She has to wait until after breakfast!)

Taylor and Carter after karate on Tuesday. This Tuesday (3/21) is the exam to see if they will advance to the next belt (or two). We're very nervous for them, because we don't know the moves well enough to help them practice!

Mason and Jack needed their turn, too!

Jack with my cush pillow on his head. He looks like a mushroom. (The other night after the Jack and Mason peed on my couch, I knew they wouldn't sleep at night. When I was getting into bed, I heard them laughing and giggling in their room. When I went into their room, they both had their cush pillows on their heads. They looked hysterical, but they still got in trouble for being so loud at 10:30 p.m.)


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