Chilly but sunny (in more ways than one)

It's been somber in the life of Lera the past few days. Everyone in my family hates me. Everyone. Since Thursday.

Do you know how hard it is to wake up in the morning, knowing your family hates you?! It hasn't been easy getting out of bed.Yet, I have to put on a happy face for my children and pretend that everything is normal. Well, maybe this is normal.

Anyway, I was just returning from my sister's baby shower (with camera in hand) and noticed some pretty flowers out front. They cheered me up and I had to take their picture!

They look like crocuses, but I don't think I've ever seen red crocuses before. Usually they are purple and yellow. I thought they were just lovely. And as I was walking around to see if there were anymore, I spied ...

Bluebells!! Aaahhh, bluebells! This is one of my very favorite flowers. I am always happy to see bluebells. I think it's because they come out so early in the spring and I get hopeful for spring and warm weather. When we bought the house, Aunt Kate told me she had planted bluebells. I think that sealed the deal! (I had planted them at our old house, but they are so perfect for an 130-year-old house!)

As I was taking pictures, I saw a "friend" of mine basking in the warm sun:

So, how many snakes have we been seeing in our yard lately? (Jack and Mason said they saw one out back by my chives this week, except they weren't chives they were more snowdrops. I hope the boys weren't trying to eat the foliage!)

Then I came in to see the flowers I bought for myself yesterday (to cheer me up) for only $2.47. They smelled delicious the moment I opened the door. I thought they would make a pretty centerpiece, you know, just in case I had to entertain or something.


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