My poor baby girl ...

The past few nights I have not slept well. I guess that explains why I was nearly comatose last night -- it had finally caught up to me.

Well, my poor baby girl has been sick. She started coughing a little on Thursday night (and didn't sleep well that night), coughed a little Friday during the day (but slept all night long). On Saturday she awoke with a fever, yucky nose, and bad cough. Sunday was no better for her, neither was Monday.

Last night I fell asleep early, so when Spenser woke up, Joe went in to comfort her (she had another messy diaper). A few hours later, she awoke again, and I went in to get her (which I vaguely recall) and put her in bed with us. At 5:00 a.m., I heard a loud thump and then a cry. She had rolled to the foot of our bed and rolled right out. I accused Joe of putting her in bed with us and not putting her back. Then I had a slight recollection of doing it myself! Poor baby girl. She is still sleeping, so I will have to wait to see if she has any battle wounds (the footboard of our bed sticks out a little from the mattress).

*Update: Spenser has no bruises, bumps or fever!*


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