Corners of my Home

I know this is just a light, but it really isn't. There is a really neat story behind this light, and I intend to tell it.

When Joe and I were completing our formal dining and red rooms, we struggled with lighting terribly. We could not find anything we liked enough. (Luckily Mom found the perfect one for our red room.) We went to many stores looking for the "perfect" light, but it could not be found. One day, my mother-in-law told us how the house that her grandmother lived in (and she, herself, lived in) was being torn down. She went down to walk through the house "one last time." When she walked through, this light fixture was hanging up in the house. She remembered it from her childhood. The owner of the house told her she could have the light, so her father went back to the house with his screwdriver and removed it.

So, while my mother-in-law has never lived in our house, a little bit of her past is in our house.


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