Monday, March 13, 2006

A "little" mess

This is salsa. On my ceiling! Yes, I dropped a bowl of salsa and was covered in it. It not only covered me (head to toe), but it covered the walls, the refrigerator, the floor, the security alarm, etc. A few hours later, I found it on the ceiling of my kitchen. There was even a chunk of onion stuck up there! A few days later, I noticed a spot on the pantry door latch. Oh my!

I just came back from the dentist -- I broke one of my back teeth this morning eating a pumpkin seed. I had to pick up Taylor & Carter "early" from school and forgot they had Afterschool Clubs today. They were a little upset they were going to miss it, but the instructors gave them stuff to make their own butter. They shook their cream all the way to town. Then Jandro, Sheyla, Camryn and Mimi shook it. It was a family affair. They were so excited when it started to thicken and turn yellow.

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