A great morning!

My bleeding has really slowed down. I'm feeling sooo optimistic now. Joe stayed home again today, because he was too worried about leaving me until the bleeding stopped (or slowed down enough).

I've been having morning sickness, so I'm happy about that ... I guess. I'm happy that I'm still pregnant, just wishing I didn't have nausea. At least it's a healthy sign and I am truly grateful. I have been so blessed.

I have had so many phone calls from my friends and I appreciate them all so much. It can get lonely and bored sitting in bed all day.

Last night Kathie called. I couldn't talk at the moment because we were getting the boys ready for bed so I asked if I could call her back in 10-15 minutes. She said, "if you're not busy." To which I replied, "the only thing I'm doing is going from my right side to my left side -- I'm not busy." We laughed. Sadly, it's mostly the truth.

Besides word finds and talking on the phone (or watching TV), I don't have a lot to do. However, I have been finally getting around to filling out Jack's kindergarten paperwork and Mason's pre-school paperwork for next year. Yeah! I actually have time for that kind of stuff now.

And by the way, the lint/string on my bedroom floor from yesterday is gone! I couldn't stand it anymore. It had to go. (Plus, Joe bought a large trashcan for next to my bed, so I can throw away all of my tissues instead of storing them on the nightstand.)


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