A scary morning

This morning started the same as most school mornings. Breakfast, packing lunches, etc. As I was getting ready to walk Taylor & Carter outside for the bus, I decided to go to the bathroom. That's when things got scary.

I realized I was bleeding. Not spotting. Bleeding. Trickling blood. This is not good for a pregnant person. I totally freaked out. Jack grabbed the phone for me and I called Joe. Then I called my OB, who suggested I get a sonogram ASAP. Luckily when I called, they had a 9:30 opening.

We did receive good news and bad news. The good news is that the baby had a strong heartbeat (162 beats per minute) and the baby is measuring 13-15 weeks, when I should only be 11 weeks. While I only got to peek at the screen for a nanosecond, Joe said the baby was moving a lot and looked great.

Okay. Now for the bad news. I have complete placenta previa and a large hematoma in my uterus above the baby. (I already had to explain the hematoma to my sister-in-law, so I will again, just in case. It's a large sack of blood in my uterus.) I am on bedrest. With five children. And a husband who works very long hours for the U.S. Army. I have to have sonograms every 3-4 weeks indefinitely. Dr. B. said that most hematomas resolve themselves. But, the other situation "is a problem" he stated over and over again.

Somehow, we feel very blessed. We have both cried a lot. But we are very thankful that the baby is fine. Now if I can just keep this baby safe.

I have had a blessing, with the help of Bill Steele. My in-laws took care of the kids and fed them lunch while I was in bed. And my poor mother-in-law took care of the dirty dishes in my sink (that I was too sick to take care of yesterday with my cold).

I wonder if all of my aches and pains of this pregnancy, thus far, with back pain, ligament pain, knee pain, and this nasty cold going through the family was Heavenly Father's way of getting me to slow down. Who knows if things could have been worse. For now, I have to stay in bed. Luckily Joe has fixed our laptop, so I can be "connected." Unfortunately, I cannot check my email because of the secure website of yahoo. So call me! I'll be here!


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