Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here I am ...

still. Hanging out in my bedroom. My first official full day of bedrest. I can tell this is going to be long. Even if it only lasts a week or so. (That little piece of lint or string on my bedroom floor is driving me nuts! I will be picking it up on my next venture out of bed.) I've left my bedroom only long enough to use the bathroom and to steal a quick shower this morning.

I had another scary morning today. When I woke up, the pad I wore to bed was soaked through completely. When I went to the bathroom, the toilet water was so bloody that it was opaque and I couldn't see the bottom. I'm hoping it was just like that because I was dormant all night and the blood was just pooling. I think I've had a few twinges of nausea today, so that's good. Although with this cold and congestion, it's kind of hard to tell the source of the nausea.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep in good spirits. My children are sweet and come in to "visit" me often. The boys all came in this morning to check on me. I think at one point everyone but Joe was in bed with me.

I just learned that my brother, Craig, was rushed to the hospital last night and needs emergency gall bladder surgery. He is awaiting the surgery now. My thoughts and prayers are with him, even though I understand he is pretty doped up.

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