Weird Dreams ...

I have been having a lot of weird dreams lately. Maybe I need more sleep???

The other night I dreamed we had a metal cage, in which we caught a stray cat. For some unknown reason, the caged cat was in my family room. (I do not like cats -- and that's being nice.) As I knelt down on the floor to look at this cat (which I would never do), the cat turned into Spenser. As I looked at her, I thought, "It (not she) is so cute. I think I want to keep her." And then I tried to think of ways to convince Joe to let me keep her. Somehow she got out of her cage and I hugged her. I still didn't realize she was my daughter, or even human. It was very odd.

Then, the same night I dreamed I made friends with a rhinoceros. Some little blonde-haired boy (either Carter, or my brother Craig when he was a child) made the rhino mad and the rhino started to charge him. I stopped him from doing so, and then hugged him. When I hugged him, he turned into a very large and very plump boy. Then the dream ended. Or at least I forgot the non-significant parts ...

I guess I was in a hugging mood that night.


lera said…
It is funny to read my old archives all these years later. I guess it would important to note that I was pregnant with Sawyer at the time (we just hadn't told anyone yet), so that's where all my wild dreams came from.

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