Aaahhh ... Spring!

Last night the boys and I enjoyed our family movie night. We watched the new and ultra-exciting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was long, but we all liked it. The boys gave it a thumbs up. (Joe came home from work about 20 minutes before it ended. hmmm.)

The boys have been out jumping on the trampoline this morning. It's so nice and beautiful. Taylor claimed he saw a snake by the trampoline near a candy bar wrapper. It must be the season.

I was clearing off the front porch (I'm hoping we won't need our snow shovel anymore this season) and when I stepped outside, I actually wanted to be outside. Now this comes from a person who would rather be inside in a heated or air-conditioned environment (and it runs in my family, from Dad, to Craig and Emily). Every spring I think I want to be outside, when I really don't.

Anyway, I walked around to the back deck and looked around at the beautiful signs of spring. More snowdrops everwhere. My irises are about 4" out of the ground. My chives and oregano are starting to grow in my herb garden. I even became adventurous and grabbed a rake and raked my herb garden to jumpstart the other herbs. After that, I was ready to come back in. It was nice while the moment lasted.


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