Thursday, March 23, 2006

Corners of My Home

It's Thursday. It's time for "Corners of My Home." Today's corner is an actual corner in Spenser's bedroom. I love her room. I think of how blue (literally) it was when the boys slept in there. Now it's all girl. I think about helping Joe with the wainscoting and painting, painting, and painting everything. I think I was 9 months pregnant with her.

Now, this little corner holds a lot of memories. The little dress on the left was a Polly Flinders dress of mine when I was a baby. The dress to the right was the dress that Spenser wore when she was blessed. The little wicker furniture on top of the shelf was bought for Spenser (by me) as a reminder of the wicker furniture my dear Aunt Robin had given me when I was a child. I'm nostalgic that way!

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