Sunday, March 26, 2006

A little update

Lots of cold germs are floating around our house. I think Joe and I are the worse at the moment. Others have some symptoms, but not all, like we do. And I think Joe and I are at the same stage of our colds -- day for day.

Today my niece and nephew, Alana and Timmy, were "baptized" into a different religion. These are the children of my sister, Kristen, who was killed in a car accident 3 1/2 years ago. I found this quite upsetting. They were baptized at the request of their new step-mother. I think my sister wouldn't be very happy about any of this, as she would want her own children raised with the same religious background as she was raised. Nevertheless, there was nothing we could do about it, except attend the service in support of Alana and Timmy.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we attended the school's "Spring Fling" after the pinewood derby. The boys were so excited on our way there. Especially Mason. At this Spring Fling, they have different games there for the children to play (i.e., rubber chicken tossing, ring toss, apple tossing, soccer kicking, miniature golf, muffin toss, etc.). All the kinds of games that children love, but adults find silly. They "won" lots of small toys. Toys that I'm finding everywhere. Toys that are choking hazards for Spenser. Toys that are already on their way out.

As we were leaving, Mason (who didn't realize where we had just been) started to cry saying over and over, "I want to go to the Spring Fling. I want to go to the Spring Fling." When I told him we had just left, he replied, "No. We were not at the Spring Fling. We were at school. I want to go to the Spring Fling." We all laughed. Silly guy.

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